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Name: Zoey Bennett
Age: 18
From: Tustin, California

TheStory: Zoey is a cute, innocent-looking, 18 year-old from the infamous “OC”, aka Orange county, California. She grew up with very strict parents and that has put her in a rebellious stage of life. She tells Tony that she got her tattoos as her first act of rebellion, when she was in junior high, from a moonlighting tattoo artist because she want to prove she that she didn’t need permission. Now she is into getting involved with older men and that is how she hooked up with Tony. Tony made the mistake of calling her “cute and innocent” when he first saw here and Zoey told him off but he was able to turn it around and flirt with her.

Zoey complained that she hated being labeled as cute and innocent and that she had made up her mind to ditch the label. This is when she went out and got the tattoos she had. But soon that was not enough as everyone has tattoos; even peoples parents. Tony told her that he had the ultimate sign of rebellion and recklessness would be a sex tape. Zoey gave it some thought and agreed that it was the “worst” thing she could do, so she agreed to do it.

Tony had Zoey come over to his place later on the week but unfortunately Zoey had caught a cold but she didn’t let that stop her; she wanted to go through with it before anyone tried to stop her. Tony told Zoey that to add to the shock value, that they should do it “bareback” so that people would see how careless she could be. Finally, right before he came, Tony asked her if she wanted to do the ultimate reckless thing and take a creampie from some guy she just met; Zoey said yes and with that, Tony pumped that rebellious teen full of his seed.


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