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Name: Zoey
Age: 19
From: California
TheStory: Zoey is a sexy 19 yo girl from out of state that moved out here just couple of years ago. She is a tall girl (6 ft tall ) and one of the tallest girls I've done recently. And while tall girls used to intimidate me in my younger days, I now love them for some reason and the chemistry we had made it even better. She is a self described "nympho" as she just loves sex but she didn't have any experience on camera, so who else to do this with but yours truly :)

The original plan was for me to pick her up at her parents place but I decided against it, as you never know what could happen. So instead, she came to the place I got and we had some time to talk and get to know each other. She was a little nervous when I first met her but once we started talking she felt much better as she sensed as I wasn't a creeper or anything like that. So after that, I started taking pictures of her and playing with her and then we just went at it. She was doing something with her hands (nibbling her fingers) while I did her that really turned me on and the rest you'll see on video. I did her for a while and I gave her a good creampie, which she was completely fascinated by..lol Got to love those 19yo girls!




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