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On This Edition of Asian-man
Name: Zarena
Age: 21
From: Texas

TheStory: Zarena is a very young looking 21 year-old from Texas that Tony contacted to do some modeling; he told her that it would be lingerie and nude and nothing more. She asked to see some of his other work so he sent her a web link that has all his tame, non-hardcore photos of all the girls he has done. Since Zarena saw that Tony had many girls, she figured he was legitimate and decided to do it. Tony asked Zarena to bring her favorite lingerie set so that there wouldn’t be a sizing issue.

Tony behaved professionally throughout the whole photoshoot and only when all was done and he sensed she was at easy, did he bring out the video camera and ask her to strip again. Zarena was at easy and stripped again; when Tony asked to touch, she told him to help himself. Tony fondled her perky breast and then slipped a finger in her slit; he felt her getting warm so he felt comfortable to ask if she would like some oral sex from him. Since Tony was still dressed she figured it would just be that.

Zarena orgasmed from Tony’s oral attention and then got lost in the moment, Tony got her on her knees and slipped his cock into her pretty mouth. I’m not sure if she is just inexperienced or if she might have been hesitant but I can tell the blowjob wasn’t that great. Tony stopped her and decided better to do more than have her change her mind and she must have had the same thoughts. Tony slid into her pussy and began to enjoy some natural bareback sex. Now maybe it was
because she was too sensitive from her first orgasm, but Zarena took a while to start enjoying the pounding.

Tony told me that her innocent look made him go slow because he didn’t want to shoot his load too soon. Try as he might though, he did shoot his load inside her after only 30 minutes. It was only AFTER he shot his seed inside her, that he found out that she is not on birth ontrol. Lets see what happens in 30 days.

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