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Name: Victoria Kennedy
Age: 22
From: Irvine, CA

TheStory: So for those of you who have been following the site for a while might have suspected, Tony does indeed have a day job; he is a tutor at a local private university. Now you know where he finds alot of the girls that you see on the site. Anyways, Tony told me that recently they hired a fresh graduate as a receptionist; she has an “art degree” and in this economy, a receptionist position is better than no job at all.

Now a couple of people know about Tony’s hobby and there is some gossip and rumors about what Tony does and sure enough, the new girl, her name is Victoria, was curious enough to find out if it was true.
Tony told her that if she was willing to come over to his place after work, he would show her if it was true or not. Since she didn’t have any plans, she headed over to his place straight from work still in her office attire. Tony showed Victoria the website and to his amazement, she was impressed and after a short pause asked if he wanted her to be on it as well. Tony took a chance that she wasn’t joking and said yes and since Tony keeps his cameras always ready, it didn’t take but a moment to get started.

After taking the glamour photos, Tony got the video camera going and tried to get a confession out of Victoria to find out who had told her the rumor. Instead of answering, Victoria easily changed the subject by dropping to her knees and taking Tony in her mouth. I’m sure that would change the subject rather well. So Tony fucked his new co-worker until he pumped her full of his cum without finding out if she was on birth control first. He realized his mistake as his cum was oozing out her hot pussy because if she ends up pregnant, then everyone at work will know for sure!

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Lexi Brooks - Next Door Amateur

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