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Name: Vanessa Naughty
Age: 26
From: Dallas Texas

The Story:Vanessa is a 24 year old from Texas who is out here visiting friends and enjoying the night life that LA has to offer. Tony met Vanessa at an alternative/fetish dance club on Santa Monica Blvd where tattooed and pierced girls are the norm; its quite the freak magnet so there’s always something going on. Girls that go to this club are usually very open minded and into bucking society’s norms so when Tony told Vanessa about the little hobby we have going here, she agreed to a simple photo shoot the following afternoon so long as she got to get copies of the pictures to add to her vacation album.

The next afternoon, Tony went and picked up Vanessa and brought her back to his place. Tony had Vanessa do a sexy strip and that is when he really noticed her nice Texas-sized ass; he told me that each ass cheek was TWO handfuls. Anyways, Tony told her that he didn’t have any condoms and Vanessa said she was ok with that; I assume she said that because she is on birth control but sometimes that assumption can be wrong. Lets hope for Tony’s sake that she is because after fucking her for about 90 minutes, he pumped her pussy full of his cum.


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