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Name: Tori
Age: 19
From: North Carolina

The Story: Tori is a hot girl from North Carolina who I met few months ago. I thought I had lost her pictures (I have quite a few videos I can't find of numerous hot girls due to archiving skills) but I just found them. And just looking at the pictures make my cock all hard again. She was visiting the west coast briefly and I met her thru a friend who referred her to my site. And she came over to meet me along with couple of her girlfriends whom I wanted to do as well but were terrified about getting knocked up.

Anyway, her girlfriends eventually left my place and Tori stayed. We talked some more, got comfortable, and within couple of hours I was taking pictures of her beautiful body. She was kinda tall and there was something about her that really turned me on. So soon after I took some naked pictures, we got into it and wow..

We fucked and fucked for hours. She is just very sexual and loves to fuck. And I was just delighted in being deep inside her nice pink pussy and cumming in her over and over until I ran out of cum. And I would have loved to keep on fucking her on her stay in California but she had to leave the week after. So not sure if I will see her again soon, but I hope she visits. Or maybe I could go to N Carolina.. hmm.


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