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Name: Tiffany
Age: 19
From: Salt Lake City, Utah

The Story: Tiffany is Jayma Reid's sister. She found her video not long ago and she asked her about it and I guess it was a sisterly thing for Jayma to refer her to me so she could do a video with me too :) they both are from conservative backgrounds in Utah so I suppose is that rebellious mentality that most of us go thru when we are younger. In Tiffany's case she wanted to be bad and this was her idea of something really taboo, so she flew out with Jayma few months ago and I met her in person. Since I know Jayma well, we spent most of the time talking to one another and Tiffany was still very nervous around me the next day when I went to pick her up. I could feel it in her voice how nervous she was about doing this but I did my best to make her comfortable. So at first we talked a lot in the car and did a bit of the video there. And then we went back to my place to do the usual pics and stuff. And it wasn't until I was going down on her that she started to loosen up a bit.
I kept on thinking how it would be to have Jayma there as well, but she refused to see her sister have sex. Still I think it would have been an interesting video. Tiffany felt very tight and I enjoyed pounding her tight pussy. I did her for maybe a less than one hour until I unloaded my sperm inside her vagina. Felt so good I wanted to do her again but I had to drop her back off to where Jayma was staying as they were supposed to go see an aunt of theirs. Now, if I could get the aunt involved that would take it to the next level.


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