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Name: Talin Shields
Age: 20
From: Baltimore, MD

TheStory: Talin is a 20 year old girl from Maryland that Tony found on a new modeling website where girls post profiles looking to be models. He said that this time though he wont be mentioning the name of the website because last time he did say the name of a website, it became a lot hard to find girls on the site because of all the guys that went there to get girls too. Anyways, Talin had posted there looking to get into modeling and Tony asked if she would consider doing adult type nude modeling. Talin asked for a few days to think about it. Tony knew not to press Talin and sure enough after a few days, she came around and said she would do it.

Talin showed up to Tony’s place and was happy to see that they would not be alone, Tony’s assistant was there too. She was very comfortable and proceeded to strip out of her clothes while Tony snapped away a photo set. Afterwards, Tony started the video interview to wrap things up and had Talin strip one more time for the video. Feeling that Talin would be receptive to his advanced, Tony asked if he could touch her. She agreed. Then he asked if she wanted to do more even though he didn’t have any condoms, she said sure.

After watching Tony and Talin have oral sex, Tony’s assistant decided to jump in after finding out that Talin likes having sex with girls as well. Talin got attention from both of them and orgasmed several times before Tony’s assistant got her ready to receive Tony’s seed. Tony pounded her until he was ready to fill her up and then shot a big load inside her. I suspect that Talin is on birth-control since she asked to be filled up but you never know these days what girls are thinking.

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