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Name: Talia Palmer
Age: 21
From: Baltimore, MD

TheStory: Last week after getting fucked by Tony and his assistant, Farrah went back and had the urge to share all the details with her roommate, Talia. Now Farrah is bisexual and has had sex with guys and a few girls while in college but she had never both at the same time as in a three-some. She told Talia that it was exactly what she was looking to do to remember her wild college years. She said that the fact that she didn’t have to share her man or deal with some other girl’s jealousy made it even more memorable. Farrah asked Talia if she had done everything she had wanted to do sexually while in college and Talia thought for a moment and said “no”. One thing Talia had wanted to do is have sex with a same guy as Farrah so that they could gossip about the guy but since they were good friends, she never wanted to encroach on Farrah’s “guys”.

Farrah asked Tony if he would be interested in “meeting” Talia and “showing” her a good time but Farrah did mention that Talia was not bisexual; tough break for Tony’s assistant. Tony said he would take care of her just one-on-one. He told Farra to go ahead and give Talia his number so that she could call him when she wanted to set things up. Talia came over to Tony’s a few days later and while talking, Tony found out that she is graduating this year and also moving back home in a few months. Tony got the camera going so that Talia would have a video as well to be able to show Farrah and gossip later.

Tony started off with oral sex to get Talia’s juices going and Talia returned the attention. Since Tony had fucked Farrah bareback, Talia felt comfortable letting do her bareback as well. Talia got Tony’s undivided attention and pounding for a good hour. When Tony was ready to release, he filled Talia’s pussy with his seed without asking. I guess he assumed that Farrah had told her all the details and that she was ok with it. It’s a good thing she didn’t mind.

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Lexi Brooks - Next Door Amateur

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