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Name: Tabitha Ann
Age: 21
From: Orange County, California

TheStory: Tabith Ann came to us from San Francisco about three years ago seeking to experience new sexual adventures. Back then we got her to try creampies and ever since then she has been hooked. Unfortunately for her, she still lives up in the Bay Area and she tell us that safe-sex is almost a religion up there; in order to satisfy her nature desire for cum inside her, she usually has to travel outside the city. The good thing is that she kept in touch with Tony and when she came down to visit friends this year, they were able to hook up. She knew Tony would have absolutely no issues doing her bareback and filling her with his cum.

Tabitha has now gone blonde and showed up to Tony’s place wearing some “easy-off” clothes. She came to have sex and was not going to waste time playing hard to get or any other silly game; she came to get her fill of sperm and lucky for us, didn’t mind that Tony would be taping it to watch it later. Tabitha quickly got on her knees and took Tony in her mouth to get him ready for her after just a minute or two of small talk and even though she just wanted to get to the fucking, she did appreciate it when Tony returned the oral.

Tony fucked Tabitha in his bedroom for about an hour, trying to stretch out the pleasure he was getting, as long as he could but towards the end, Tabitha was getting sore and just wanted Tony’s cum inside her. Since Tony wants to make sure Tabitha comes back for more in the future, he went ahead and pumped his seed into pussy. It turns out Tabitha reaches orgasm when she gets filled with cum because she is NOT on birth-control and the danger of her getting knocked-up pushes her over the edge. If Tony moves or changes is number in a few months, we will know why.

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Lexi Brooks - Next Door Amateur

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