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Name: Tabi
Age: 19
From: California

TheStory: Tabi is a cute girl from So Cal who has always been fascinated with modeling and when she became of age, she decided to seriously look into it. At first she wanted to do just bikini modeling or car chows but later she decided to do nude modeling as well and that is how I ended up finding her. She actually was not all that excited about actually having sex on camera but after a few weeks she figured not too many people would know anyway, so we decided to do this video.

I took Tabi to a national park hope there wouldn't be too many people around. And it was a slow day but unfortunately there were still some people walking around so I could get the outdoor nude shots I wanted to get. So I just took a few by the parking lot and then I took her back to a hotel where I took some more pics and then ended up filling her up :)

Tabi was still somewhat shy about the whole thing but once she got naked she loosened up a little and then she just got into it. I made sure I ate her pussy out really good to get her juices flowing and she returned the favor by sucking my cock with gusto. We then started fucking for a while until I dropped a load inside her very tight and fertile pink pussy.. she told me if the guys liked it that she would like to try in in the butt next time so we'll about that..lol.

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