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On This Edition of Asian-man
Name: Summer Slate
Age: 20
From: Orange County, CA

TheStory:So its been a while since we had a female fan appear on the site and Summer Slate, a freshly turned, 18 year old from Orange County has broken our dry spell. She had found the site a while back while searching for information about creampies; she had been looking to see if her love of creampies was a fetish or just a natural desire. Summer has a strong desire to be creampied and when she has sex with other guys, she finds that their preoccupation with pregnancies ends up in them putting on a condom to her dismay. She said that condoms look unnatural and too “clinical”. Anyways she contact us so that she could experience a creampie without a guy being to paranoid about it.

Summer is also an exotic mix, half Brazilian and half Swedish with a pair of eyes that are very unique and hot sexy ass that is straight off the beaches of Rio. She showed up at Tony’s place wearing some real short shorts and a white top with no bra; she dressed in such a way to make sure that Tony knew exactly what she wanted. When Tony asked if he could film it to post it on the website, Summer said as long as she got her creampie, she didn’t care.

Tony later told me that doing Summer was some of the best sex he has had in a while. He said her barely legal age, her love of creampies and her exotic looks had him having to hold back most of the time he was pounding that fresh young pussy. He said it was almost like torture until he got her to cum at which point he let go and pumped a huge load into her willing unprotected pussy.


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