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Name: Stephanie Sage
Age: 23
From: Tampa, Florida

The Story: I met Stephanie in Tampa, Florida on one of my trips down there on vacation. I met her thru a mutual friend (Hailey) and she knew about the site. But back then she was undecided about it plus she was one and off with a guy she was dating back home. But we kept in touch on my space and few weeks ago she told me if she could fly out here to try out for the site, so I had her on the plane within hours of her telling me that. And as you guys can probably tell by now, I am not doing that many videos myself, and instead I had my friend Tony pick her up at the airport and take care of her.

So he picked her up, took her out to eat for a while and then took her home and creamed her. He said he had a great time fucking her and that she thought I was going to join in at some time since she didn't believe I wasn't going to be in the video. However, the following day after the video I went by the hotel where she was staying and we hung out for the night. She is a beautiful girl and next time I am in Tampa we'll hang out again.


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