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Name: Stephanie
Age: 19
From: Oregon

The Story: Stephanie is a beautiful girl that I met few weeks ago when I had just come back from Australia. She was in LA visiting from Oregon and initially she was on my solo girl site. She is a college girl and she doesn't really want to become a professional model or anything like that since she sees her future in the field she is studying. But she happens to be exploring herself and I was lucky enough to get to her. And because I got to know her a bit and made her feel comfortable, she ended up having sex off and on camera with me. And needless to say, I was pretty fucking happy.

Stephanie has a really hot body and very soft skin and I can't put into words how good it felt to do her. Sex with a hot girl gives me a high every single time, but not sure what it was about Stephanie that I was even more into it than usual. I wanted to do her all night after we first started fucking, in fact, I so many time I don't remember. But it was specially good cumming deep inside her warm pussy as I wasn't sure I was going to be able to at first.

We have been keeping touch and I asked her to come down for spring break again but I'm not 100% sure she will come down since she was planning to go to Cancun or Lake Havasu, but I definitely would love to do her again. Maybe I'll just go where she is going and meet some of her sorority sisters, one of which I am already talking to about coming down to LA.


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