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Name: Starla Knight
Age: 22
From: Manhattan Beach, California

The Story:Starla Knight is a local, 22 year old, girl that had emailed me about appearing on the site and included her cell phone number for me to contact her in the same email; quite brave when emailing a total stranger for the first time I thought. Anyways, I gave her a call and didn’t have to talk much about what was involved as she had already looked at the site and said that she didn’t have any questions. I forwarded Tony her email so he could arrange a date and time but I didn’t mention to him how forward she had been about appearing on the site or how she hadn’t been too attentive when I talked about the modeling.

Tony tells me that as soon as she walked through the door, even before she set her purse down, she was on her knees trying to unbuckle his pants in the entryway. He told me he was able to grab the video camera off the kitchen counter and begin recording as she was taking his cock in her mouth. Tony tells me this girl was so orally talented, that she was able to take his cock in her mouth AND lick his balls at the same time. After a few minutes, she did something that made me laugh the first time I saw it, she stood up and grabbed Tony’s cock and pulled him around to a stool, as if she was leading him on some leash or something. She sat on the stool, pulled her panties to the side and made Tony fuck her. Tony was able to regain control of the situation to take pictures and do the interview as he usually does, but she still interrupted one more time to suck his cock before the modeling pictures were completed. Starla was impatient to get to fucking and only seemed thoroughly satisfied when Tony pumped her full of cum.

Given how Starla behaved in requesting to be on the site and how aggressive she was in having sex with Tony, I suspect she had an agenda. Come to think of it, Tony never asked her if she was on birth-control before spilling his seed in her so I hope this doesn’t become a problem.


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