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Name: Stacie Jaxx
Age: 18
From: LA, California
TheStory: Stacie is a cute 18 yo girl who recently send us an email to be on this site. She has a friend who did something similar few months ago and she was curious about seeing what this was all about. So we ended up meeting at her college cafeteria few days after she contacted us. And I was really tempted to do something on campus but I didn't think it wouldn't have been that great of an idea since there is campus police and cameras all over the place. So instead, we met up again a few days later at another place I like doing videos at.

She was a little shy at first but I could tell she was naturally curious about sex in general. So talking for a while, we took some pictures and we did this video. Stacie has a beautiful natural body and really nice tits and most importantly a very nice tight pussy. I loved feeling her up and eating her nice wet pussy and when the time came to put my cock in, I could barely go in because it was so tight which in turn almost made me come after a few minutes. But given the fact that I am a real professional, I kept doing her for almost an hour before giving her my first cumshot :) I later kept fucking her some more and I am sure she will do this again fairly soon.




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