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Name: Syvally Sweet
Age: 19
From: Hollywood, California

TheStory: Syvally Sweet is a local 19 year-old girl that Tony met while out clubbing in Hollywood last weekend. Tony tells me that there are some “interesting” girls as he calls it, at the underground/gothic type clubs that he goes to about once a month. He says that even though the look different, deep down inside, they are just like all the other girls; they play coy but deep down they like and want sex just as much as us guys. I’m not sure which club it was but since she’s still a teenager, it would either have to be an 18 and over club or maybe she has fake ID. Who knows. Anyways, Tony didn’t want this girl to get too attached so he told her what he does on the website but she didn’t react the way he thought she would. She told him that she didn’t believe him and the she would have to see for herself.

So the next Monday she went over to Tony’s place and he was ready to show her what goes on. She was dressed a little different; Tony had told her not to be “dark and gothic”, so he told her to borrow something from a friend. Tony got her on the couch and starting taking pictures and the interesting thing is that this girl was not shy at all. Once the video started she had no problems getting naked. I guess strange girls can be a little different in the way they see certain things.

Syvally and Tony ended up going all the way and bareback too; I think girls don’t like condoms as much as guys don’t like them. Anyways, after Tony couldn’t hold back any longer, he filled this teenage gothic girl with is seed and watched it ooze out of her freshly fucked pussy.


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