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Name: Simony
Age: 21
From: Hungary

The Story: Simony is a model another girl that I know in Europe arranged for me when I was in Budapest. I had seen pictures of her before on the internet and because of language issues, I simply could get a hold of her so I resorted to a my friend who I met last year at an adult convention in Germany to hook me up with girls. And of my first day in Hungary, I met Simony right at the hotel where I was staying by the Danube river.

She came with her boyfriend and she was actually about to marry him in few weeks. And the cool thing if that her boyfriend was fully accepting of what she was doing. And although they donít really consider themselves as swingers, he enjoys seeing Simony on videos and on the internet so I guess itís a perfect match. I have yet to find a girl who loves to see me bang other girls on video and be only with me, I guess itís sort of like asking to have the cake and eat it too.  

Anyway, Simony came up to my room while her boyfriend was at the bar while I did my thing in the room. I took some pictures of her first as usual and then I started to fuck her. She had a nice tight warm pussy and the idea that I was fucking her without even knowing her all that much turned me on. Also, I had jerked off to her pictures before on the net, so this was a fantasy that came true for me. And after a while I nutted in her wet pussy. She then asked me if it was ok if her bf came up and I said it was fine, so when he got to my room. We started to fuck again and then we ended up double teaming her.


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