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On This Edition of Asian-man
Name: Sierra Day
Age: 20
From: Orange County, CA

TheStory: It seems that Tony is starting to really enjoy the benefits of having a female "studio assistant" especially when she likes to "help" him creampie as many girls as possible. Recently, she suggested that Tony should get a panty wardrobe started for girls that show up not wearing panties. She told Tony that she would go out and do the shopping so that it wouldn't look weird with Tony buying girls clothing (that would really be funny!) Anyways, when his assistant went out shopping, she was approached by one of the salesgirl who asked if she needed help with sizing because she noticed all the different sizes that she was carrying. She answered that the clothes weren't for her, but that she was a stylist for a photographer. Now I don't know if the sales girl was trying to seduce Tony's assistant but I'm told that she didn't hesitate at all when asked if she wanted to do a photoshoot.

The salesgirl, Sierra Day, is 24 and local to LA, so setting up an "appointment" for a photoshoot was rather easy. Tony made sure to pick a day when his assistant was free and could be present. During the photoshoot, Sierra asked if Tony and his assistant had sex together and they replied that they did and enjoy threesomes whenever possible. Sierra replied that her two kinks were having sex with other woman and seducing other girl's boyfriends. She liked being the center of attenention and then asked if they wanted to have a threesome with her.

Sierra was very foward with Tony's assistant; I thought she maybe lesbian, but that thought went away when I saw her playfully suck on Tony's cock. Tony and his assisant enjoyed Sierra's sexual energy making sure she was in the center. Eventually, Tony's assistant recognised that Tony was ready to release his seed so she positioned Sierra so that she could help and watch Tony deliver a creampie. Tony finally pumped his seed into Sierra who was being held open by his assistant.


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