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Name: Shaye Bennet
Age: 20
From: Maine

TheStory:Shaye is a 20 year old from Maine who goes to college down in usually warm Florida. She and two friends decided to escape the recent cold spell in Florida by coming out to Venice Beach here in California, but unfortunately for them it has been raining here as well. They have been stuck at the hostel they are staying at and have not been able enjoy Venice as they had hoped for. Tony met them at the coffee shop around the corner from their hotel and struck up a conversation when he saw that all 3 were improperly dressed for the rainy weather.

During the conversation, the topic of what Tony does came up and he told them he was a photographer for girls looking to strike it big in Hollywood. He asked them if any of them would be interested in getting some pictures taken since their beach plans were ruined. Shaye, the most adventurous of the group said she would do it and that she was comfortable going alone with Tony back to his place. I think this was the hint to her friends, that she was going to do more than just modeling; its funny how girls give little hints to say what they really want.

Tony tells me that he began by taking pictures of Shaye and she was completely comfortable with getting naked for the pictures. I suspect there is something more going on with these girls. Anyways, it didn’t take much to get Shaye to agree to having Tony go down on her, and after that, the tone was set for going all the way. Looking at the tape, it looks like Shaye and Tony fucked for a good hour before Shaye asked Tony to fill her up with his seed. He happily gave her a souvenir for her trip to California.


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