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Name: Sensi Pearl
Age: 19
From: Los Angeles, California

TheStory: A while back, one of the girls from the site was really interested in becoming Tony’s assistant; she wants to watch and help Tony creampie other hot girls. Anyways, her “training” is going well and now she has moved on from simply finding girls to actually photographing them as well just like Tony does. Since she is a girl, she is more easily able to convince girls to model for her, that normally wouldn’t agree to it if approached by a guy. Sensi is one of those girls; a 22 year old nude art model who thought posing nude for a female photographer would be a great way to build a portfolio.

After finishing the photo shoot, Tony was introduced by his assistant has her “teacher” and Sensi was asked if she would be interested in shooting a short video for her portfolio as well. Since Tony’s assistant was there, Sensi agreed. Tony got the video going and asked her some questions before asking her to strip down as she had done during the photo shoot. Tony complemented Sensi in her petite, tight body and she called it “fun-sized”. It was amazing to see her small but muscular ass and when Tony asked about it, Sensi says she also does ballet on the side.

Sensi is bisexual and one thing Tony found out after she left is that his assistant had “played” with her before he showed up and this left her wanting more. When Tony asked about how the photo shoot went, she replied that she needed relief. Tony was more than happy to help. Unfortunately, his assistant was unable to join them for “personal” reasons but she did get a front row seat to watch. After fucking Sensi bareback for a good 45 minutes, Tony decided to unload his seed inside her without even asking her if it was OK. She didn’t seem to protest so maybe she’s on birth-control… or maybe not.

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