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Name:Scarley Fay
Age: 22
From: California

The Story: Is this girl hot or what? I met Scarlet thru her best friend Ellie Foxx, who told her what I wonderful man I was :) they met doing some modeling in Hollywood for an apparel company (a well known one I might add) and they have been friends since then. Scarlet has done nude modeling before and she is open about her sexuality, so getting her on the site was not that hard since Ellie told her good things about me. The only thing she wasn't so sure about was the cumming inside part as she is highly fertile.

But she took the pill to put her at ease and then we met up to make this video. I took her out for lunch first and I got to take pics of her outside. And I think she came out great, she is a cute girl. We then headed back to my place and we just started going at it. She has a nice slim body and a nice pussy that would make any man cum in minutes. But being that I am in control of my cumshots, I made sure I enjoyed that pussy a lot before start giving her my loads. I wish I would do her and Ellie at the same time actually.

After the video, she had to go home so we didn't hang out more. But she said she wanted to be more adventurous next time, so we'll see what we'll come up with. I'd love to fill her up with cum again.


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