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Name: Scarlett
Age: 20
From: San Diego, California

TheStory:Scarlett is a sexy hipster type of girl that I personally did a while back ago. The video in itself might not exactly have the best lighting or set up since this was shot sort of on the go but it was intense and hot doing Scarlett and the inseminating her fertile 20 pussy with my seed :)

At first we were going to get together to talk about possibly doing a hipster type of shoot where she could model in some of the clothes she wanted to wear. But we ended up at my place and next thing you know I am licking her pussy on my bed. And then it just sort of happened and we started to fuck. She told me she had a boyfriend so I hope he never gets to see this but she is too young and sexy to be in anything committed at this point anyway.

I fucked her for hours that night and I kept doing her for couple of weeks. But then we sort of lost touch because of the boyfriend issue. But I am pretty sure if I call her up we'll get together again. I just don't know if I want to deal with some jealous boyfriend.. I've had enough of those issues already. I need to live a peaceful life.


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