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Name: Scarlett Marx
Age: 21
From: Jacksonville Florida

TheStory: So as a way to find more girls, Tony has advertised as a photographer who does TFP for aspiring models looking to add to their portfolios. Recently, he had a girl, who I later found out was named Scarlett Marx, respond to his ad and they set up a photoshoot to get started on her portfolio. Scarlett is originally from Florida and came out to California to see if she could start getting modeling jobs out here. I didn’t find out her age but she looks around 21; I tried to ask Tony but he claims to have already forgotten.

What Tony did tell me, is that he wasn’t sure anything was going to happen with Scarlett when he did the photoshoot with her. She had shown up wearing a sexy, dressy but conservative dress and that she was rather proper and professional during the photoshoot. However, he did notice that as she started to get dressed after being naked, she started to slow down considerably as she was finishing up. She took about a minute just to slip on each shoe. Tony picked up on her body language and went for it. Sure enough, Scarlett had been turned on during the photoshoot and admitted that she was a bit of an exhibitionist. Tony politely asked if he could help her take care of her current arousal.

Scarlett must have built up quite some anticipation because she came when Tony began giving her oral sex; it would not be the only time she came. When I edited the video, I counted that she came at least 2 more times in the first 15 minutes of Tony fucking her. With this girl, its easy to tell when she came because she thrashed around a bit while cumming. Anyways, Scarlett never asked Tony to wear a condom so he gladly pounded her bareback and eventually pumped his seed inside her without any worries. When he asked her about it, Scarlett replied that she likes her sex “natural” and that she is on birthcontrol.

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