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Name: Savannah Stern
Age: 22
From: Los Angeles, CA

The Story: Savannah Stern is a very hot girl that I was supposed to do a video with last year but never got around to. It was one of those instances where I was out of town or she would be out of town, so unfortunately my cock never went inside her hot pussy. However, we were in touch again recently and I ended up setting up this video with her with my friend Tony doing her. I would have loved to fuck her personally but since I am taming the fucker in me, I decided to let my friend do her instead.

She came to my place dressed in these really hot tight pants where you could see her ass very clearly and I had a boner just talking to the girl. So I decided to leave my friend and her alone to stop the suffering. So soon after I left, my friend started to take pictures of her and then fuck her. And he told me she was a really hot fuck as she loves sex and loves to show off, she enjoyed sitting on his dick and grind him and he said he almost lost it (who can blame the man) but he waited as much as he could and then unloaded deep inside her hot pussy.


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