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Name: Sara Monroe
Age: 21
From: Mobile, Alabama

TheStory: Sara Monroe is a very young looking 21 year-old from Alabama, who was told to contact us if she wanted to get started on a modeling career here in Los Angeles. Tony set up a photo shoot for her right before heading out of town for the holidays and made sure to have his assistant help him because he really wanted to enjoy himself with this innocent looking girl. Tony made sure that Sara understood that she would be getting naked in front of the camera but that he would have a female assistant there to make her feel more comfortable about it.

During the photo shoot, Sara was a natural, she knew how to tease and be playful for the camera; just they way we like to capture the girls for the website. For the interview, Tony wanted to make sure to capture her cute southern accent so he tried to converse with her as long as possible but her natural tits with perky nipples got him distracted. Sara admitted that her nipples were super sensitive and that nipple play was one of her turn ons; Tony touched them just for a few seconds and they were erect and her pussy was warm and moist.

When Tony offered to go down on her, Sara agreed since she loved to be orally pleased. Tony did a good job so Sara decided she would return the favor even though she said she wasn’t planning on having sex. I suppose that Sara got caught up in the moment because soon she had Tony’s cock inside her even though he was bareback. When Tony finally came, he pumped his load into Sara only to have her exclaim that she wasn’t on any type of birth-control. Tony apologized and Sara said she understood since she too got caught up in the moment.

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