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Name: Sandee
Age: 18
From: Southern California

The Story: Sandee is a girl I found online few months ago when I was searching for new girls for my other solo site ( come to think about it, that site has really served it's purpose). And when I first met Sandee I knew I was going to end up doing her on or off camera. She is a really nice down to earth type of girl and she just wanted to explore being a model and her sexuality, and who better to help her discover herself than yours truly :)

So after first doing a solo video for me we kept talking. And then one thing led to another and we ended up fucking. She told me her boyfriend had not been able to make her cum since she had started dating him a while ago and I took that as a challenge. So I first ate her out really good to prime her for my cock and then I did her in several positions to find which one did it for her. And it wasn't until she started riding me that I "found" her right spot to make her cum. She was actually surprised I had managed to do that the first time doing her so we kept on going at it that night. I came inside of her multiple times and I enjoyed watching her taking it all deep inside of her, ovaries deep.

I wanted to get together with her again but there were some boyfriend issues (not surprised) so I hope we'll be able to get together again.


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