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Name: Samantha
Age: 18
From: California

The Story: Samantha is a hot girl my buddy did for the site while I was away on business. I've come to realize that it is better to have someone help me with the girls than trying to do them all by myself since I am busy traveling, doing my business, life, etc. And in this case, I was in Australia I think when this happened.

She sent me couple of pictures asking how she could become a model for my site. So I gave her contact information to my friend Tony and he took care of everything. I even gave him the keys to my place to fuck her. And although I really wished I could have been the one fucking that dripping wet pussy (as you will see), I couldn't get to it so she went to thru the interview with my friend.

On the video you can see she is a bit shy at first but once she got warmed up, she really got into it. Her pussy was visibly wet and she enjoyed getting fucked after not having sex for a while. I almost called her after I saw the video but as usual, I haven't even finished with my current "leads" on potential women so I'll get to her hopefully sometime in the future.. I love her body and very wet pussy :)


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