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Name: Roxetta
Age: 24
From: California

The Story: Roxetta is a somewhat well known model (she has modeled a lot for magazines) who loves to be naked and show off in front of the camera. She has a boyfriend who approves and gets off to the fact that many men out there want to fuck his girlfriend. And she does get to fuck a lot, since she loves sex with men and women. She is originally from Georgia and she has been out here in California for a bit less than a year. Roxetta loves to party a lot and her boyfriend has a hard time keeping up with her. I met her boyfriend thru some acquaintances at a porn party couple of months ago and he knew about my sites and some of my other stuff. And when I found out she was hooked up with Roxetta, I told him I could have her on the site. He told me that he enjoyed seeing her fuck around, but that I had to talk to her so he gave me her number and we ended up hooking up.

I ended up meeting Roxetta at a bar nearby and we hit if off right off the bat. She was feeling horny that day and she told me she wanted it, so without much talking I brought her back to my place where I shot this video. She enjoys getting fucked hard and she enjoys role play and semi-rough fucking. She told me she got off fucking other men while her boyfriend stayed at home or at work, and that she would fuck me anytime :) so I made she I made sure I gave her a good impression by fucking her hard and treating her like a slut, and she loved every minute of it. After fucking her that day, I called her boyfriend up to thank him for hooking me up and he told me Roxetta wanted to fuck again. So a few days after, I ended up hooking up with her again at her place while her boyfriend watched.


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