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Name: Rikki Love
Age: 19
From: Manhattan, NYC

The Story: This is the time when I was with Rikki in San Francisco visiting. As some of you have probably seen, Rikki is unique in the sense that she likes it a bit rougher and I have a great time with her because she is fun and let's me be as dominant as I like. So this video is on the rougher side as well. I usually don't get too rough but from time to time, it spices things up.

So I was with Rikki sightseeing San Francisco as this was her first time in the bay area and I showed her some of the most famous must see places in this beautiful city. And after taking a few postcard pictures, we started to fool around in the bushes. And I put some of it on video, too bad I didn't have a tripod to place the camera on so we could video the fucking part too. And the thing that made it even more exciting was the risk of getting caught in the park by people passing by and security guards. If I shot more videos up that way, I would be doing outdoor stuff all the time as there are plenty parks.

Anyway, after playing with her outdoors. I took her back to the hotel room and I continued to fuck her there the way she really likes to be fucked and that is hard and rough. I fucked her really good and then I unloaded as much cum as I could deep inside her pussy. I get hard every time I see this video of us and it makes me want to fuck her a lot more.


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