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Name: Rikki Love
Age: 19
From: Manhattan, NYC

The Story: Rikki is Kacey's (Kacey from Florida) cousin from New York. Kacey shot a video with her couple of years ago and she recently referred her to me since Rikki wanted to come to California to vacation and to have some fun. And when she sent me pictures, I was very happy to be her host. I thought she looked very wholesome and innocent and that I would probably have to go slow with her. But like the saying goes, never tell a book by it's cover.

I went to pick her up at the airport and I drove her back to my place after getting a light lunch. We talked for a while and she was telling me about all her adventures and how she wanted to become an adult star. And once we got back to my apartment, I started the pictures and the videos of her. And as sweet and innocent Rikki looks, she is into rough sex. I wasn't able to tell that well when she first told me but as I got to know her better and better, I realized she falls on the more extreme type of rough and submissive sex. So on the video, you might see me rougher than usual as she was getting that energy out of me. She likes to be called names, have her tits pinched, hair pulled, etc. And because she has this sexual energy to her, I was really into her. In fact, I wanted to tie her up and fuck her but because of legalities, I can't do that on video.

So we fucked a lot that afternoon and I came a lot for her. The thought of cum insider her didn't turn her on like cum all over her face, so I made sure I kept her happy by shooting my second load all over which she really liked. After that, I kept fucking her all throughout the day and then she flew up to San Francisco with me where I got to show her some sex clubs she wanted to check out.


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