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Name: Rikki Love Part 3
Age: 19
From: Manhattan, NYC

The Story: This was the last video I did with Rikki when she was here couple of months ago (she has since gotten married). She was in Southern California entertaining the idea of moving here so we were hanging out. And that particular day we were out taking long walks and when we got back to my place, I fucked her the way she likes being fucked. And that is rough and hard.

I wasn't really planning on doing a video that day but I thought she was looking sexy in her work out gear. And since I've always fantasized about doing the girls at the gym, this was a way to carry out my little fantasy. I basically got Rikki to my room and pulled down her panties and started to fuck her. And she enjoyed the being roughed up and basically told what to do.

I fucked her all afternoon that day. After we finished the video, we kept on fucking but at a slower pace. Eventually Rikki went back to New York and she got back together with some ex-boyfriend. Last I heard she got married which in a way doesn't surprise me since she is the type that does unexpected things.


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