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Name: Reena Sky
Age: 20
From: San Francisco, California

The Story: Reena Sky is a girl I contacted few months ago when she was in San Francisco, but because of the distance and timing I never got around to actually meeting up with her. She is a hot girl and she wanted to do basically do videos and start her own website and stuff with a girlfriend of hers. And recently, we finally re-connected again and I had my friend do the video with her since I was away. I put her in touch with my friend and he basically took over and handle the whole thing, I even gave him keys to my place so he could do as he wished.

And my lucky friend got to do her and cum inside her a few times apparently. I only got to see the video after I got back and I only wish I would have been there too so I could do her myself too. Now the video has a blueish tone to it because of my friend's camera settings but she still looked pretty good getting fucked and cummed into.


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