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Name: Reecy Ray
Age: 20
From: Florida

The Story: Reecy Ray is a 20 year old girl who goes to college with Shaye and from what I am told, this group of 3 girls, who came out to California to escape the recent cold weather in Florida, are all college sophomores at the same college in Florida. Too bad for them though, that it has been cold and rainy here in California as well. Tony jokingly asked Shay if she would talk to the other girls about doing what she had done, and she said she would. Apparently she wasn’t joking because that same night, Reecy called Tony and asked him what time he would be by to pick her up. I guess these girls are getting horny being cooped up and bored in the hostel all day long.

When Tony picked up Reecy, he saw that she too, had dressed expecting warmer weather just as Shaye had. Once inside Tony’s warm place though, Reecy stopped shivering and quickly warmed up as Tony started taking pictures. The pictures where just ice-breakers because the real reason Reecy was at Tony’s, was to get the same sexual treat that Shaye had gotten the day before.

After having an orgasm from getting oral sex from Tony, Reecy wanted to show him that she could take him deeper in her mouth than Shay had. She took Tony ALL the way in her mouth; I guess that even though these girls are friends, they are still very competitive with each other. Tony fucked Reecy for about an hour, giving her another 3 or 4 orgasms before spilling his seed in her; unfortunately for her, it wasn’t as big of a “souvenir” as he had given Shaye the day before but Reecy didn’t seem to mind.


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