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Name: Rebecca Long
Age: 18
From: Dallas Texas

The Story: I met Rebecca a few months ago when I first did a video with her for my masturbation site. She is from Texas and she had just turned 18 and basically she wanted to have fun while she was on vacation in California. At first, I did a video with her by herself for my solo site and as she got more comfortable with me, we ended up together. I don't necessarily think my masturbation site is all that great actually, but one thing it does is bring lots of girls. And since this is a numbers game, I end up doing girls that otherwise I would have never done had it not been for that site.

Anyway, Rebecca is actually pretty innocent but she was looking to go wild in California and she did. She was only here for few weeks but I fucked her pretty often. But here is the very first video she ever did and she was really excited to be doing it. I on the other hand was delighted to be doing this beautiful girl and then ejaculating my cum inside her wet pink pussy :-)

I have not really talked to her since she left. But I know she is in college now, so if I ever get the time to visit her city (possibly one of the most famous party schools in the country), I'll do her again and hopefully some of her hot sorority girlfriends too.


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