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Name: Reagan
Age: 22
From: Oklahoma

The Story: Reagan is a 22-year-old adventurous transplant originally from Oklahoma; she moved out to southern California about a year and half ago. Recently, she went back home to visit family and when there, while horsing around with her cousin on the Internet, they ran across the website. They noticed that we are located in southern California and her cousin asked her if she would ever do anything like that, knowing that Reagan lives in the area where we are located. Reagan said that she didn’t have to answer that because everyone knows that she is really adventurous and daring when it comes to trying new things. Her move out to California by herself right after her 21st birthday was a prime example; contacting us to appear on the site is an even better example.

I had Tony set everything up since I wasn’t too sure she was actually going to show up. Tony said that when did Reagan showed up, she was wearing a cute outfit that really reminded him of a heartland-of-America type girl. Tony said that she was a girl that has one of those hour-glassed shapes; big titts and a nice size. Maybe I should have “interviewed” her myself afterall. Anyways, Tony told me that they had an afternoon of sweaty sex, which only came to an end when he pumped her fertile pussy full of cum. Again he didn’t ask if she was on any birth control, so who knows what’s going to come of this. If Tony doesn’t start thinking with real head and asking about birth control before filling all these pussies with his cum, he’s going to be celebrating Father’s Day whether he likes it or not!


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