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Name: Rachel
Age: 19
From: Arkansas

The Story: Rachel is a girl that emailed me while I was traveling. And she got me so excited about meeting her that I tweaked my travel plans so I could go meet her in her in Arkansas since she couldn't fly out to where I was. And the whole adventure turned out great, as I got to have a lot of fun with Rachel and I got the chance to drive thru parts of the Midwest I had not seen before.

Everything happened in less than a week. I was on my way back from London if I remember correctly and I got her email. We chatted a bit first and she sent me some naked pictures of her and I told myself if I didn't go see her then, it would probably hard to go out there later on so I changed my ticket and went to the Midwest. I took a risk because she could have gotten cold feet, but my intuition proved right and we met up right after I got back to the US.

Rachel doesn't really want to be a model per se and she wasn't really interested on a site or anything like that. She told me she found one of my videos online and she got turned on watching it. And she eventually found my site and just sent me an email after she saw that I was not really a "porn actor" but more of a real person who does meet the girls. And the thought of being on the site excited her a lot too so she went for it. After talking to her more, I found that she wasn't really all that wild either when it came to sex and doing this was really different for her which in turn had me even more excited. And to cut the story short, we got together at the hotel I got near her home and we fucked and fucked for hours. In fact, we could have probably spent the night having a good time but I had to leave early the next day because I was in a rush to go somewhere else. I would love to meet her again sometime but distance is an issue, that plus she wasn't all the excited to come to LA so I would have to go see her instead.


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