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Name: Proxy Page
Age: 21
From: Los Angeles, California

TheStory: I just found the tape that Tony, Addy & Proxy made last month so I apologize for the delay in posting it up. Somehow I misplaced it and ended up posting Proxy’s gangbang first even though she did the gangbang a week later. Anyways, the weekend before Halloween, Tony and Addy went to a rave that was held in downtown L.A. and while there, they met Proxy in the VIP section. Tony tells me that after a few close calls with some younger girls, he now only parties in the VIP sections of the raves because they always check ID’s there.

When Tony and Addy ran across Proxy, they could tell she was a very open-minded, free-spirit type of girl so they decided to make it a point to talk to her before the night was over. As is turns out, Proxy is 21 and from Canada and does promotional work for the raves. When she asked what Tony and Addy did for work, they told her that they ran a "website", hoping that she would be intrigued by their answer. She was. She asked alot of questions and when they sensed that she was about to change the subject, they invited Proxy to appear on the website; she agreed on the condition that it would be a threesome. When she made that request, Tony and Addy knew they were in for a treat.

Three days later, after Proxy was done with her rave work, she went over to Tony's place and was eager to get things going. Addy was even more eager and pounced on Proxy as soon as she stood up to strip out of her clothes. I won't go into detail about the action, but I will say that seeing Addy "help" Tony fuck and creampie Proxy is a pretty hot thing to see. With Addy rubbing Proxy's clit, Tony pumped his seed into Proxy as both girls looked on.

Aftwards, Proxy said that she is really into groups sex and when Tony offered to get her a groups a guys, Proxy told him to set up a gangbang for her.

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