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Name: Peyton
Age: 19
From: Los Angeles, California

The Story: Peyton is a girl we met recently after she commented to a girl I had done before that she would do it too just for fun. So I had Tony call her up and talk to her to see if she was serious about it. And it turns out Peyton is a wild girl that loves being sexually adventurous in her normal life so doing it on camera was not big deal for her. Plus she loved the idea of being cummed in since she said she liked the feeling of sperm being shot deep inside her.

I almost went to pick her up myself but I was with my girlfriend so I didn't have the time to do it. Otherwise I probably would have been tempted to fuck her and cream her myself. But as of late I have been so disciplined, I am actually amazed at myself. Who knew I could actually stop myself from fucking hot girls..

Anyhow, she went to Tony's place and he had a great time fucking and pumping her full of cum. She said next time she wanted more in her.. so we'll see.


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