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On This Edition of Asian-man
Name: Nikki Phoenix
Age: 24
From: Seattle, Washington

TheStory: Last week, Tony had the opportunity to film one of his usually “private” encounters. Not all the girls that he does are aspiring models, some are just “friends with benefits” as is the case with Nikki. She is a 24 year old that happens to work with Tony’s assistant during the day; Nikki and Tony’s assistant are actually very close friends, having had sex at work for kicks, they freely share details about their sex lives with one another. About a month ago, Nikki confided that it had been a while since she had had sex and even longer since she had felt a man’s seed inside her. Tony thinks that she brought this topic up because she knew that his assistant would offer to have Tony end her dry spell. Nikki felt that this was safer than just some random guy shooting his seed in her.

Tony’s assistant brought Nikki over to his place and told her that Tony would be video taping the encounter just for kicks. Since Nikki has made several sex tapes with boyfriends in the past, she didn’t care and thought the idea was actually tame compared to her fetish of sex at work. Anyway, since the girls are familiar with each other already, they started things off by stripping each other before Tony jumped in.

Tony and his assistant shared Nikki, concentrating on just her to make sure she would enjoy the encounter and come back for more. Nikki said that she was able to enjoy the sex a lot more than usual because she didn’t have to worry about condoms or short, bad sex. They passed Nikki back and forth for about an hour before Tony’s assistant got Nikki into position to receive Tony’s seed deep inside. Tony happily gave Nikki what she had been craving for several months.


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