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Name: Nikki Mae
Age: 21
From: Anaheim, California

TheStory: A few weeks back, I was contacted by Rylie Richman, a girl Tony did a few months ago, and she asked if I thought Tony would be interested in doing her friend, Nikki Mae. Knowing that Tony is a horny fucker, I told her that I’m sure he would be happy to fill her friend up too. Rylie told me that Nikki is 21 and from northern California but that she has traveled all over the U.S.; Nikki would be in town to visit her parents so it would be the best time to set things up. I let Tony know so that he would be expecting her.

When Nikki met Tony, she was already excited as Rylie had told her about the experience she would have with him. Nikki is slightly allergic to latex so she prefers to go bareback and she knew Tony wouldn’t have an issue with this so it added to the comfort level. Tony took some photos to get things started and then got the video going soon afterward.
Tony began by rubbing Nikki’s clit before diving right in to taste her sweetness; after getting her nice and wet, Nikki returned the action and made sure Tony was as hard as possible. They started off on the slow side; Tony later told me it was because she was really tight and he didn’t want to hurt her or himself since it might cause him to lose out on other girls. But eventually, Tony gave Nikki a good pounding; working it up until he pumped her full of his cum. Not a lot of it came out thought because of how tight she is.

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