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Name: Nicole Nora
Age: 18
From: Grand Rapids, Michigan

TheStory: A couple of months ago, Tony filled a hot young chick named Alyssa, as some of you may remember. Well a few weeks ago, one of Alyssa’s friends with whom she graduated with, moved out to California as well and is now roommates with Alyssa. Nicole is her name and she is 18 just like Alyssa and is also from Michigan. When Alyssa told Nicole how much fun she was having out in California, Nicole decided to join her and move out here. When Nicole asked Alyssa about some of the fun stuff that she had done already, Alyssa mentioned Tony and even showed her some of the pictures. She asked Nicole if she was up for it since it would be a type of roommate bonding experience and Nicole said she would give it a try.

Nicole was a little nervous when she showed up to Tony’s place since she has never done anything like this before. Tony even told me that her legs where shaking riding up the elevator. Tony did his best to get her to relax but he knew that she wouldn’t be able to until he got her mind off it. Tony took some pictures as quickly as he could and then got the video going. After getting her to strip out of her clothes to show off her cute spinner body, Tony had her sit down so he could work on getting her mind on something better.

Once Nicole had warmed up, she took Tony inside her. Now Tony told me that he was ready to unloaded inside her rather quickly not only because he hadn’t had sex in 5 days, but also because Nicole had a hot, tight, young pussy. I can tell from the video that Tony really struggled to avoid spoiling the fun too quickly. Tony was only able to hold out for about 30 minutes before just giving up and filling up Nicole. Now I guess Alyssa didn’t tell Nicole that part because Nicole was surprised but I guess she was ok with it. At such a young age, girls really haven’t developed a preference yet.

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