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Name: Natalya (06/06/07)
Age: 19
From: St. Petersburg, Russia

The Story: Natalya is an exchange student from Russia that I found on a mainstream modeling website. I was basically mass emailing lots of girls from there and I thought the chance of a reply was minimal since most girls  on these type of sites are concerned someone will find out. But she and another girl replied, and I set up a meeting with her right away since she lived jus a few miles from where I am.

She told me she had been in the US for just a few years and that she was doing a degree at the same school I went to, so that cool since I don't think I've ever met anyone for my site that went to my school. And after a while, we just hit it off well and I told her I could give her a choice on the sites where she wanted to be since I wasn't sure if she would have sex on camera (I knew I was going to do her off camera for sure). And after thinking about it for a bit, she told me she was open to anything and everything as long as it wasn't too publicized. I told her that if anyone she knows found her on the free area, that I would take care off as I have done with couple of other girls in the past and she agreed to it.

After that meeting, I ended up taking her home and fucking her off camera and it wasn't until the week after that I got around to doing this video. She also is very submissive and wanted me to fuck her in the ass on video, but she was so tight I didn't get around to it this time. However, we eventually succeeded on another occasion and I have been fucking her on and off since I first met her a few months ago.


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