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Name: Natalya (08/29/07)
Age: 19
From: Russia but living in California

The Story: This was actually the first set of pictures and videos I took of Natalya. She wasn't so sure she wanted her identity revealed while she was having sex on camera, but in the middle of it she stopped caring. She has a high profile job so she was very concerned someone would see her, but I told her chances were minimal and besides, everyone gets a chance for doing things like this anyway.

I started to shoot this video while I was playing with her in my room. Earlier that day we had gone to an adult store to pick up some s&m gear and some toys, and we started to play when we got back. I first started by blindfolding her and I started to spank her ass. She is very submissive, so she loved how I spanked her ass hard and finger her wet pussy and ass here and there. And after 10-15 minutes of doing that, I started to take pictures and to video her. And since I was already hard, I basically put my cock on her face and she started to suck on my balls and my cock. I rubbed my cock all over her face and she wanted me to cum all over her and rub my cum on her, but I had another idea in mind.

I started to fuck her hard from behind and I tried fucked her in the ass too, but she was very tight and my cock simply would not fit at that moment. So I kept fucking her in the pussy. And after a while, she took off the blindfold and stopped worrying about the cameras and what not. And I pounded her pussy until I pumped her full of cum. We stopped for a little while but then I kept fucking her semen filled pussy until I came again.


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