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Name: Nadia Nitro (10/17/07)
Age: 20
From: Florida

The Story: Nadia is a very hot babe I met several months ago at a party in Hollywood. She is from Florida, so it was specially hard to get her for my site since she is rarely here in California. I first found out about her thru a friend maybe like a year ago and she was looking for a webmaster to help her site and stuff, but for some reason I can't remember (probably me traveling) and we just never connected in person. So when I first saw her, I went straight to her and I told her who I was and that we were supposed to meet a long time ago. And she was very cool and down to earth. Some guys I know think she is very on who she deals with so they had warned me, but I had absolutely no problem with talking to her and getting her to call me back to get together.

After a few days, we got together and I helped her with her site and she told me she wanted to be on my site too. She just wanted me to promote her when her site was up (which still isn't) which I promised to do. So from there we hung out some more and then we finally got together to do a shoot. I was so happy to finally have her I had to jerk off earlier that day so I would not cum too fast with Nadia.

So I went to pick her up at her place, got her back home and I did her few a hours at my place. I so enjoyed looking at her while fucking her. She has very pretty eyes and there is something about her look that just makes me want to cum in her. After that day, she went back to Florida and I am still in touch with her but not sure when she will be back here in LA again.


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