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Name: Monica Lion
Age: 20
From: Europe

The Story: Monica is probably the tallest girl I have ever fucked in my life. She told me her height in centimeters and I think the equivalent was like 6'2 or something like that so this was sort of a new experience for me. She actually used to play for the national volleyball team but she got injured. I met her thru a friend of Claudia when I was in Europe and Monica had experience in doing videos. She spoke little English but she didn't want to do much talking on camera as it made her nervous.

So the day Claudia left, I had Monica come over to shoot the video. She was actually somewhat shy despite her height, and we talked a little before I started to take pictures of her. She told me she had the chance to see the site the night before she came over and she told me I should try fucking and cumming in her ass since she didn't see much of that on it. Coincidently, I had just cummed inside Claudia's ass early in the morning and since Monica was offering me her ass for me to cum in, I just couldn't refuse the offer.

So we started the video and she showed me her skills in sucking and taking a cock. I then put a bit of spit on her asshole and penetrated her ass with my cock and it felt so good feeling her inside her butt while looking at her facial expressions. I always enjoyed fucking girls in the butt but I don't think I have done as much anal as in the past few months. And the fact that I could see her clearly (as opposed to in the dark) was a big turn on. I started to fuck her asshole hard and for a long time, in fact I couldn't leave that ass alone, she just looked so good with a cock up her ass.. but after a while of pounding her anally, I couldn't hold it anymore and shot my cum deep inside her asshole. After that, I scooped the cum that dripped out of her ass and put it back in along with my cock and kept on fucking her ass until I blew again in her.


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