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Name: Molly Mason
Age: 20
From: North Carolina

The Story: Molly is a girl I LOVED fucking. As you know by now, some girls I really like fucking and then there are the exceptional ones that I love doing and Molly is one of them. She is girl from North Carolina visiting LA couple of months ago and I had originally gotten in touch with her to ask her to pose for my girl climaxing site. And once I met her, I started to tell her about this other site. Molly was hesitant about it, and not so much because she was against having sex on camera but because she is actually a shy girl. Which made it all more exciting to me.

I first had gotten together with her few days before this video and she was so hot, I brought her back for a second video. But this time, we had more privacy and because of that, she let herself go a lot more this time. We basically were making love this time and it was so intense and good that I can almost feel her just writing about her. And is not like I don't enjoy all the other girls, is just that me and Molly really clicked so it just makes it that much more pleasurable.

On this video, we came back to my place after going to Melrose to go check out some stores and after hanging out for a while, we started to fool around off camera and then on camera. And I basically did her for hours that night. And I came deep inside her beautiful pussy multiple times. And if there is one thing I feel bad about is that she lives all the way in N Carolina, because if she was here, I would do her every single day! Molly is definitely one of my all time favorites.



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