On This Edition of Asian Man
Name: Misty and Erika
Age: 21 and 25
From: Colorado

The Story: You may recall Misty from her appearance on the gangbang site a couple of years ago. Since that time, Misty has really blossomed into a totally sexually liberated woman. She went back home and started her own website to show case her every expanding sexual experiences. Tony kept in touch with her over the years and they have become good friends so it wasn’t surprising that when Misty had wanted another gangbang on her home turf, she contacted Tony and asked if he would be the guest of honor. Taking a cue from my pussy-hunting travels, Tony decided to fly out to Misty to help her with this “favor”.

When Tony showed up to Misty’s place, he was pleasantly surprised to find out that Misty’s 21-year-old girlfriend, Erika Kane, would be filming the gangbang. Tony told me that this got him really excited; I guess that’s one of his “things”. Tony wasn’t the only one that got excited; when the gangbang was over, Erika asked Misty if there was any chance that they could get in a 3-sum before Tony returned home. Misty asked Tony if that would be possible; I don’t think there was anyway Tony would turn that offer down. Tony later told me that he had 3 sex sessions; the gangbang, a one-on-one with Misty, and finally the 3-sum with Misty and Erika . . . all in less than 24 hours! I think Tony is experiencing what I have been doing for a long time!


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