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Name:Missy Lou
Age: 18
From: Virginia

The Story: Missy is a girl from the East Coast who was in California recently on her school break. She came out here as an adventure and she wanted to see what it would be to be an adult star. Back home, she is a conservative college girl with a very normal job. So this was a chance for her alter-ego to show herself. And I am happy I was there to help the sexual side of come out.

We first emailed each other about being on the site, etc. And I never really though she would fly out since it's far. But her mind was set on it and she had just finished school and could take time off work, so she came out very excited and eager to meet me to do this.

The first day I met Missy I didn't fuck her since she was tired and just was not the right time. But after adjusting to time, she was ready to go. So we went out for ice cream first and then came back to my place where I fucked her for hours and hours. In fact, she checked of her hotel room where she was staying and ended up staying with me for the rest of her stay. And I sure used the opportunity to show her just how much I liked her by filling her up with huge amounts of cum inside her near virginal pussy.


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