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On This Edition of Asian-man
Name: Miss Marie
Age: 20
From: Long Beach, California

TheStory: As some of you may have noticed, the photos look a little different from before and the reason is because Tony finally bought himself a new camera; the old one finally died after 5 years. However, since Tony was really happy with his old camera, when it finally died, he had no clue on what new cameras were available and their features. So he went to a big box store in Orange County last weekend to see what was out there and that is where he ran into 20 year-old, Miss Marie who was working at the camera counter. After a while, Marie asked him what he was looking for and Tony said he wanted a camera with a fast flash recycle rate because he takes a lot of indoor pictures. She then asked if he was some kind of model photographer and then of course we know what Tony said.

He offered her do to a photoshoot of her and that she agreed, she would be able to keep all the pictures. She was curious to see what if would be like so she agreed and he gave her “an appointment” for a few days later. Tony wasn’t sure if she would show up but she did and they got started with her photoshoot. Tony tells me that the nice thing was that Marie wasn’t shy about taking it all off for the camera and so things went rather smoothing. Of course when Tony felt the time was right, he started feeling her up and she was rather receptive.

After making sure Marie was too turned on to turn back, Tony dove between her legs to seal the deal. When he got up and Marie took his cock in her mouth, Tony knew they would be going all the way. Tony didn’t bother to offer to wear a condom and Marie didn’t ask him to, so he got to enjoy her young pussy the way nature intended. And after they had enjoyed themselves, Marie asked Tony to finish up the way nature intended as well, with his seed filling her fertile womb.


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